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One Bird at a Time has just won an IndieFEST Award of Merit! 

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One Bird is on Seed & Spark for the month of May. Check out our page here.

Darcy Miller + Victor Mack in "One Bird at a Time"

Darcy Miller + Victor Mack in "One Bird at a Time"

Rise was accepted into the Wilsson Oakville Film Fest in Toronto...



One Bird was accepted in the Hollyweb Fest, one of the top festivals in the world for web series!

Caroline's Wedding

My co-writers and I just won the American Zoetrope Grand Prize for our adaptation of Edwidge Danticat's story! Here's the official announcement... Danticat is one of our most beloved authors. Her books on Haiti and Haitian Americans tell the stories of pain and love in the most raw and lyrical ways. I was lucky to help adapt one of these books to script form, and the film is on its way to production. Caroline's Wedding on Indiewire!


One hundred eighty degrees


Wonderful composer Mark Smythe created a brilliant score for this quirky film. Check out Mark's awesome rendition of Radiohead.  

This drama/black comedy/weird and raw short film stars Jonathan Togo (CSI:Miami) in a sweet and funny role opposite Darcy Miller. It was directed by beloved Portland filmmaker James Westby. A Hundred Eighty Degrees played at The Portland Film Festival

Check out some behind the scenes footage and other information on the project

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Hollyweb Festival

Wilsson Oakville Festival

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