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we make films about the things in life that are easy to notice and hard to see.

One Bird at a Time.

A heartfelt, comedic web series about what happens when you get in over your head trying to do good in the world.

“You begin saving the world by saving one person at a time; all else is grandiose romanticism or politics.” (Charles bukowski)

But how do you know who needs saving, anyway?

Starring:  Jason Rouse, Darcy Miller, Dana Millican, Jana Lee Hamblin, Ayanna Berkshire, Victor Mack, Betty Moyer, Rich Hinz, Nahanni Arntzen, Ethan McKay, Patrick Green, Jacob Lee Smith, Sophie Giberson, Riley Stewart... and "Sir Finn" as Rocco the Dog.

Written + Directed by Darcy Miller

Produced by Darcy Miller + Aileen Sheedy + Jocelyn Brady

Director of Photography Nathan Coltrane

Edited by Melissa Tvetan + Brian Belefant + Ethan Derner

For more on the series, visit One Bird's web page!

One Bird at a Time - Official Trailer