see in the dark productions

we make films about the things in life that are easy to notice and hard to see.

One Bird at a Time - a 10 part web series.

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Elegy for Misplaced Parts.

A series of encounters with old friends, accidental enemies, and vintage plastic action figures, help sort through the messiness of loss and love. In the end, it all helps to discover that for every misplaced part there is a home, if you only know where to look.


A Hundred Eighty Degrees 


The last place she ever thought she'd learn how to live was at a funeral.

Our latest project stars CSI: Miami star Jonathan Togo and Darcy Miller in a short film about an isolated young woman who, after losing her boyfriend in an accident, realizes she didn’t love him after all.  And has to reach out to the most unappealing guy around to get to the one she does love.

A Hundred Eighty Degrees played at The Portland Film Festival in 2014. We are still working on some details in post, and planning another screening soon!


Caroline's Wedding

The first feature film adaption of award-winning author Edwidge Danticat, this story takes on the universal themes of growing up and finding your place in the world as it tells the story of a Haitian-American woman torn between her mother's native culture and her life in Brooklyn, NY.


The History of Sight 

Sometimes when we're learning to see the truth, we need to use a little imagination.

The History of Sight tells the story of Tally, a Brooklyn teenager who, after experiencing a trauma, discovers a secret place. Here she learns to heal, grow, and see again - with a little help from an unusual friend.


Jonathan Togo and Darcy Miller