see in the dark productions

we make films about the things in life that are easy to notice and hard to see.

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A boy wakes up to discover the world around him has changed forever. And only he can keep his young sister safe from the same discovery.

On a crisp autumn morning, a young boy and girl lie sleeping alone in a car. As the sun filters in, the boy wakes to discover that things are not as he left them. He locks the doors, cleans up the broken glass, covers his sister to keep her warm. But as violence and death creep closer,  he has to work harder to keep the past away. As the sirens grow closer, he realizes he alone can keep his sister asleep, and the outside truth away — until someone opens the car door, and their world is forever changed.

Written + Directed by Darcy Miller.

Cinematography by Nathan Coltrane.

Produced by Darcy Miller + Christine Autrand Mitchell.

Starring Edward + Olivia Rodegerdts.